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Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises

Our brand

Our brandThe Association manages development and promotion of a fruit and vegetable production brand. Right now a brand name is identified and registered - "Vkus Solnca". Under this brand name 8 enterprises - members of AFVE started selling their products since autumn 2006. Together with the consulting company "Senti", AFVE developed a system of quality control of products for this brand and at this time is introducing this system at production.

Nature generously granted Kyrgyzstan. Fruits and vegetables, that we gathered for You, are grown on fertile fields irrigated with reviving and pure water of our mountains. They absorbed all the strength and energy of our generous southern sun. Under its caressing rays, our harvest ripened, taking all the best the nature has. While growing harvest, we did not break the rules of nature in order to preserve for you purity, naturalness and healthiness of our products.

Harvest was picked by caring human hands. And that's why, our products, also retain the warmth of human hands and a part of their souls.

However, what our products have the most is the sun, our beautiful, bright and tasteful southern sun! And that's exactly why our products are called "Vkus Solnca" (Taste of the Sun). Enjoy them with your family and friends all year round.

Products under a brand name "Vkus Solnca" are produced and offered to You by best processing enterprises of Kyrgyzstan. At any time You can contact us, share Your impressions from our products, and receive any additional information. Also You can order our products to your doors and it will be delivered immediately.

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Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises
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