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Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises

Entry procedures

To join the Association it is required to:

  1. Fill in entry application form, signed by director of enterprise and sealed with stamp. Form 1.

  2. Pay entrance and membership fees. Entrance fee - 150 $, yearly installment - 200 $. Payments can be made at the moment of filling in of entry documents or transferred onto the settlement account of the Association, indicated lower. Every following 12 months of being a member of the Association an enterprise pays yearly membership installments.

Form 1

Overview of the situation in the industry
Members of the Association

Main course of activities
Our partners
Entry procedures
Our brand
Progress made




Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises
    42a Ahunbaeva str., 720010
+996 (312) 51-08-71
+996 (312) 51-08-60
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