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Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises

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The Association is actively cooperating with many projects on development, particularly with "Local market development" project of Helvetas - ICCO, Project "Regional development of Agriculture" ADB, Program "Promotion of regional trade in Central Asia", ITC and with a "Farmer to Farmer" program, Winrock International.

AFVE, from the day of its establishment, is actively cooperating with "Local market development" project of organization Helvetas in carrying out annual industry conferences, yearly publications of a directory of Fruit and Vegetable enterprises and attracting investors into the industry. With active support of this organization Strategy of development of fruit and vegetable industry in Kyrgyzstan for 2004 - 2007 was worked out, a brand name "Vkus Solnca" was introduced. Helvetas organization provided much help in the making of the Association, organization of activity and forming its corporative style.

AFVE has a long time experience working with Project "Chui regional development", Asian Development Bank. This project provided much help in advertising brand "Vkus Solnca" on the domestic market: advertising material was printed, brand name uniform for workers and stickers for company vehicles, involved in distribution of their product in Bishkek, were made. The Project supported participation of AFVE in several exhibitions in Bishkek and Chui region. A diploma was received for quality and promotion of the trademark in Bishkek 2004 exhibition.

Thanks to support of "Promotion of regional trade" Program of the International Trade Center the Association was able to hire professional designers to design a trademark, and also improve technical equipment of their office. This program helps AFVE in working with the sector, particularly supported in conducting an annual seminar on activity planning for year 2005.

Project "Farmer to Farmer" of Winrock International organized coming of a qualified volunteer to Kyrgyzstan, who over a period of two weeks helped AFVE on elaboration of a strategy of its development for the near future and promotion of products under a brand name "Vkus Solnca".

Besides from international projects on development, AFVE actively cooperates with many local consulting and trade companies. Particularly, marketing company "M-Vector" conducted an analysis for AFVE of the market of fruit and vegetable production. Another consulting company "Senti" developed for AFVE an inner system of quality control for products produced under "Vkus Solnca" trademark. Company "Senti" and "Center of social and economic research" made considerable contribution to elaboration of the Strategy of development of fruit and vegetable industry for years 2004 - 2007. Trade company "Numen Service" is a general partner of AFVE in product promotion on the domestic market.    

Good business relations were established between AFVE and Ministry of rural and water economy and processing industry. AFVE along with the Ministry are the main executors of planned activities within the Strategy of development of fruit and vegetable industry.

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Association of fruit and vegetable enterprises
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